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International Conference on Embracing Industry 4.0 for Sustainable Business Growth (EISBG 2024) is going to organize by, Faculty of Business Studies, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU), Sonapur, Noakhali, 3814, Bangladesh. It focuses how businesses can leverage the advancements in Industry 4.0 technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics, to achieve sustainable growth. This event emphasizes the integration of these technologies to optimize processes, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and minimize environmental impact. It encourages businesses to adopt a forward-thinking mindset, adapt to digital transformations, and prioritize sustainability as a core aspect of their operations to remain competitive and ecologically responsible in the modern industrial landscape. The conference mode is hybrid. Researchers of the relevant fields are invited to submit their original, novel, and extended unpublished works in this conference.


The natural setting along with its human habitations of the Southern regions of Bangladesh has been endowed with the vast and immense potentials that can fully be harnessed only through creation of a band of skilled manpower equipped with the latest knowledge of science and technology. In the beginning of its age and expanding its activities to spread the light of modern education of Science and Technology and practicing wisdom in every field of knowledge. Noakhali Science and Technology University was established with immense hope for maintaining the high quality education. Since its establishment, it is running without any session jam and student politics. This University family is fully determined to gain its ultimate goal of success.The university was established on 15th July 2001 and started its academic activities on June 22, 2006. NSTU is actually belongs to four subjects of pure science which may contribute to the country and nation as well as the whole world. The subjects are Computer Science & Telecommunication Engineering (CSTE), Pharmacy, Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (ACCE), Fisheries & Marine Science (FIMS). Central Library of NSTU is well furnished containing about 10,000 books and around 2000 local and foreign journals. Most important feature of this library is online library. Its construction has not been completed yet fully. When it will be started with its full bloom, students as well as other registered people of this university will be able to issue books from the library through online, and also can read the books. It is being developed day by day.


  • The accepted and presented abstracts will be published at EISBG-2024 Abstrat Proceedings
  • We are planning to publish accepted and presented full papers Emerald (Pending Approval).
  • The accepted and presented full papers of AI based business applications will be published in the Taylor and Francis.

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